Maximizing Sales With “Manage Your Experiments”

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By Sarra Maatallah

In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, brands are always on the lookout for effective ways to increase their sales and enhance customer experience. Amazon has provided a golden opportunity for brand owners to leverage a feature called “Manage Your Experiments.” With this feature, it’s reported that brands can enhance their sales by up to 25% with optimized content.

The Opportunity

On Amazon, customers often make their buying decisions based on product detail pages. These pages consist of multiple elements like the product title, description, bullet points, images, and A+ Content. Having complete and accurate detail pages can significantly improve the customer experience, conversion rates, and decrease returns and negative reviews. But, one might ask, how does one identify which content converts best?

A/B Testing with “Manage Your Experiments”

The answer lies in A/B testing, also known as split testing. Brand owners can run A/B tests on product titles, main images, bullet points, product descriptions, and A+ Content through “Manage Your Experiments”. A/B tests allow comparison of two versions of the same content to see which performs better.

At the end of an experiment, brands can review the performance of each version and publish the winning content. By continually running these experiments, brands can learn how to create better content that appeals to their customers and drives more sales.

Experiment Types

Brands can experiment with various aspects of their listing:

Title: Testing alternative product titles to ensure it catches customers’ attention.
Bullet Points: Testing alternate bullet points, their order, and keyword inclusion can provide vital information that can increase sales.
A+ Content: Different versions of A+ Content can be tested to gain insights into what grabs customers’ attention.
Product Description: Testing variations in product description can highlight what compels customers to purchase the product.
Main Image: The main image is the first photo customers see. Testing the main image can help determine the best image to use that entices customers to purchase the products.
In addition to these, the platform provides Title and Image notifications that alert users when the content to be tested is too similar to current content and might not yield conclusive results.

Brands can choose to Auto-publish the winning content of title and image experiments once a test is complete. Auto-publishing is only carried out if the winning content version is at least 66% better than the other.

With the Experiment to Significance feature, brands can run their experiments until enough data has been collected to produce statistically relevant results. Amazon automatically concludes the experiment when a content version has reached a significance level of 66% or better.


The benefits of “Manage Your Experiments” include improving conversion rates by offering recommendations for high impact ASIN experiments, increasing sales through optimized content, and showcasing your brand uniquely with optimized A+ Content.

Getting Started

To start using this feature, a brand needs at least one eligible ASIN based on traffic. This feature requires high-traffic ASINs to confidently determine a winner at the end of an experiment. The steps to get started include planning your experiment, creating an alternate version of your content, and starting an experiment from the “Manage Your Experiments” main screen.

In summary, “Manage Your Experiments” is a powerful tool that brands can leverage to optimize their content, enhance customer experience, and ultimately boost their sales on Amazon. Navigating through this process can be challenging, but that’s why we’re here.

If you want to take full advantage of these tools but need help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are ready to guide you through every step of the process and ensure your business is set up for success. Remember, better content leads to increased sales, and we’re here to help you achieve exactly that. Contact us today and let’s start your journey to success together!